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The UV-3718 detector therefore shows very little aging effects even when used intensively. Four column alphanumeric backlit display 6. 1 pA resolution) 4. Regulations, standards and guidelines that include effective limit values are published for equipment safety and occupational safety in the workplace.

Wide dynamic range (0. Alternatively, the measuring device can be operated via its USB interface with the available application software for PCs. 0pA) manual or auto range CW integration time 1ms – 1s. Gigahertz-Optik’s X1-RM Multimeter is a rack-mountable version of the X1 series hand-held universal optometer for use with a wide variety of detector types.

Changes are recorded and corrected as part of the recommended annual recalibration. The UV-3718 detector contains a photodiode with an optical band-pass filter, which is only sensitive in the effective spectral range of germicidal UV-C low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps. It combines a powerful microprocessor and electronics in a rack-mountable module for integration into standard 19” rack-mount housings. the spectral mismatch. The detector calibration data is activated by the enter key and the display is automatically set to the correlating measurement values. The detector can be combined with all optometers and light meters from Gigahertz-Optik. 1 pA to 200 uA or manual range selection, CW, dose, run/stop, offset and peak hold functions, selectable integration time from 20 ms to 1 second, USB interface, and backlit LCD. The P-9802 is designed as optometer with up to 36 channels for use under remote control operation.

Ergonomic hand-held meter design 10. Each reading is displayed on one line of the meter’s four-line high-contrast LCD. Gigahertz-Optik can offer both on a highest level, furthermore each device is shipped with a calibration certificate which evidences a traceable calibration back to national standards. It is designed specifically for the evaluation of the potential health risk due to exposure from UV and blue light for workplace safety and product classification. The instrument is then ready for actual measurements.

The most current regulations are: 1. Gigahertz-Optik GmbH emphasizes that accurate conformal UV and blue light hazard light measurements require a knowledge of basic radiometry, following proper radiometric techniques and understanding the applicable standards! See full list on gigahertz-optik. The factory calibrations from Gigahertz-Optik therefore offer maximum traceability and have been recognized worldwide for many years. Four channel electronics for multi-cell detectors 2. According to the requirements of individual industrial, research and healthcare sectors, part of the measuring laboratory is accredited by the gigahertz-optik x1-1 optometer manual DAkkS as a test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. processor the P-9710 optometer is more than just a simple instru-ment for light intensity readings.

· X1 4-Channel Hand-held Optometer Datasheet Gigahertz-Optik&39;s X1-RM Rack-mountable Multimeter is compatible with most Gigahertz-Optik light detector heads for flexible use over a wide range of radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurement applications. · The fully remote controllable four-channel X1-1 meter features auto-ranging from 0. The fully remote controllable X1-1 Radiometer/Photometer features autoranging from 0. For on site light hazard measurements in the ultraviolet, blue and x1-1 visible spectral.

. · Measurement System includes optometer and detector heads. All functions and features of the standard X1-1; 4-channel detector processing and display ; PC board level for easy integration into existing equipment; Compatible with all Gigahertz-Optik light detectors; Computer-controlled operation via USB,or RS232 interface The X1-PCB is a pc board level remote-control-only variant of the X1 hand held. Gigahertz-Optik GmbH Open the catalog to page 9 Product Image Show product Detector head to measure low intensity LASER radiant power in W.

Optical radiation from artificial and natural light sources can effect a photobiological reaction on human skin and eye with the risk of damage due to overexposure. For this reason, in addition to the factory certificate, Gigahertz-Optik can optionally offer a DIN EN ISO / IEC 17. However, its potential is enhanced using an SRT-M37-L series front lens adapter so as to measure the luminance in cd/m². UV-C lamps in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can prevent the transmission of airborne pathogens such as tuberculosis bacteria and influenza viruses. The X1-1 Optometer price is 3, GJ18 series detectors range. Measuring device X1-1 The X1-1 measuring device accepts the signal from the measuring head RCH-108-4 and displays it as irradiance in absolute measurement units mW / cm².

org) Open the catalog to page 7 All GIGAHERTZ Optik catalogs and technical brochures. The double monochromator based instrument is expensive, laboratory based, delicate and includes multiple parts making it difficult to move. A software development kit (SDK) enables the meter to be integrated into user-defined software.

The Gigahertz-Optik measuring laboratory has been accredited since 1993 by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and the DAkkS as a calibration laboratory for measuring spectral sensitivity and spectral irradiance. Hand-held Meter The X11 optometer is one of the most versatile hand-held light measurement instruments available. After switching on the meter the main menu is opened by pressing the menu button. 1 pA to 200 µA amplifier) 3. Portable UV-C lamp systems are used in the process of decontaminating patient rooms or surgical suites. Powerful microprocessor operation 7. UV-C disinfection, primarily from 254 nm low-pressure mercury lamps (also referred to as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation UVGI), is an effective technique for the disinfection of air and surfaces.

The photodiode of the UV-3718. Additionally, the potential risk to skin and eyes from relatively low UV intensity must also be determined if there is the possibility of human exposure to the UV. P-9710 Operating Manual P-9710-E-MANUAL. To measure the irradiance, the input optic of the detector gigahertz-optik x1-1 optometer manual is a diffuser with a cosine field of view, which must be positioned in the desired measurement plane. selectable manual or auto-rang-ing operation. 07 PAGE 4 OF 34 1 General Information The operator should carefully read the following instructions to ensure proper and safe use of gigahertz-optik x1-1 optometer manual this equipment. 29, – Gigahertz Optik Inc.

Gigahertz-Optik GmbH Open the catalog to page 2 Description Compact Integrating Sphere Detector The ISD-10-VL integrating sphere detector employs an 100 mm d/ 4 inch iameter Barium Sulfate (ODP97) coated integrating sphere with 15mm / 0. Specification Detector interface 9pin MDSM9 socket, 4 inputs Measurement range Seven (200μA to 200. For example, it is being increasingly used in healthcare facilities to combat Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). In combination with Gigahertz-Optik’s wide range of detector heads the X11 can be used for photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurements.

Equipment safety requirements that are internationally agreed on require manufacturer’s to classify, design criteria and warning labels for their products, whereas workplace safety tends to be more national requiring health hazard protection of employees including published exposure limit values, threat analysis and precautionary measures. X1-1-RCHGigahertz-Optik GmbH. NEWBURYPORT, Mass. To read out this multi-cell detectors the X1-3 display unit is used, the key features are: 1. The Gigahertz-Optik BTS256-E is a high-quality portable light meter that is well suited for illuminance and luminous color measurements in many application areas due to its compact design, high-quality light sensor and precise cosine field of view function. .

Traceable calibration The VL-3704 is calibrated in terms of its absolute illuminance responsivity and relative spectral responsivity by the Gigahertz-Optik calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurands. Request Info NEWBURYPORT, Mass. Multi Channel Lightmeter for Long Term Burn-in Typical applications for the P-9802 are burn-in and life time measurements but also light distribution measurement applications.

Battery or USB power operation 11. Sixteen different modes of op-eration (functions) in combina-tion with variable measurement parameter set-up capabilities makes the P-9710 one of the most flexible and powerful me-ters available. Low noise for high sensitivity (0. Its simple use and price level supports the needs of lamp distributors, light source systems and luminaire manufacturers, institutional and industrial safety engineers, hygienists and others required to perform routine and periodical health ha.

Now a portable, hand-held and lower cost solution is available with Gigahertz-Optik’s X1-3 light hazard meter. Since then, all factory calibrations have been closely based on the calibration standards and quality management of the accredited calibration laboratory. Product tags: Optometer Gigahertz-Optik GmbH Open the catalog to page 1 Description System Integration Meter The X1-PCBC is a remote-control-only variant of the X1 hand held meter. The X1-1-UV-3718 UV radiometer supersedes the X9-11 UV radiometer which has been the UV radiometer recommended by international organizations and institutes for many years when using germicidal UV-C radiation as a preventive measure against the nosocomial transmission of tuberculosis. They were specially developed for radiometric measurement tasks in the UV spectral range and have proven themselves over many years in industrial and scientific use.

1 pA to 200 uA or manual range selection, dose mode, selectable integration time from 20 ms to 1 second, USB interface, backlit LCD and is compatible with all other Gigahertz-Optik single and multi-sensor (up to 4) light detector heads. When connected to the Gigahertz-Optik X1-1 meter (Figure 1) it provides a linear measurement range up to at least 1000 mW / cm² with a resolution of 0. This is achieved by measuring the UV irradiance at the location of exposure using a suitably qualified UV radiometer. · A wide range of specifically configured Gigahertz-Optik UV-Vis-NIR, color and integrating sphere-based detectors is available. The device can accurately measure irradiance levels of up to 40,000 mW/cm². The unit is reportedly. 001µW / cm² nm).

The model UV-3718 offers all properties and characteristics of the UV-37 Series detectors. Because of it’s fast and precise eight-channel amplifier electron-ics and 16 bit microprocessor the P-9801 optometer is one of the most powerful optometers available. Available from Gigahertz Optik Inc. The meter has gigahertz-optik x1-1 optometer manual a peak hold display function. Large data storage memory 8.

This data can be used for the correction of e. IEC 62471: and EN 62471: for equipment safety 2.

Gigahertz-optik x1-1 optometer manual

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